Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's Move-In Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

My super fancy light fixture is up as is the baseboard and window trim! Today's move-in day! Wheeeeee!

Let there be light - sparkly, disco-esque light!
The door...and my soul ;) 
Very pleased with the flooring choice!    
A HUGE thank you to Lance Cline from C and M Renovations in Simcoe for this amazing job! Fast, friendly, and overall awesome!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Writing Shed Progress in Pictures

Can I just say once again how freakin' excited I am about my writing shed! By the end of the day today, the floors, trim, and fancy light will be up and the inside of my writing shed will be officially ready to decorate and enjoy! With the rain we're getting I'm not quite sure when the contractor will be able to get to work on the outside of the shed, but that won't stop me from getting in there and christening my new workspace, hopefully with a masterpiece!

Here are pictures of the writing shed in order of progress so you can see the brilliant transformation that has taken place in just a matter of days:

Outside of the shed as it was when we bought the house

The interior of the shed/workshop before we moved in

Old moldy plywood gone, ready for drywall. Look at my new door and windows!
Finally, a window of my own!
Even with the new door and window, it still looks kinda' creepy...for now.
The drywall is up!!

Yeah, I'm excited about the sub-floor and knotty pine laminate flooring!
My yellow walls! Not quite as yellow as it appears in pic though

See, not so yellow :)
The next time I walk through this door it'll be to write :)

More Than a Writer

It's Monday morning and I'm glad to be back at it. I've been doing my best to set aside weekends for downtime but have to admit that by Monday morning I am usually pretty excited to get back to writing. Not that I don't love and need time to unwind, I guess I just really love what I do -- something everyone should be able to say.

As a writer I am always on the look out for projects that are best suited to me and my skills and I get so wrapped up in looking for writing assignments that I keep forgetting that there are other things I can do, like translation. Being born to Portuguese parents who raised me to speak both, I have been given quite the gift! Okay, my parents can't take all the credit because it was actually my love of Portugal and all things Portuguese that led me to learning how to properly read and write it and not just speak it. As such, I am super excited this morning after realizing that this is another way that I can supplement my income and still get my write-on. Who'd have thought that all of those summers spent lazing in the ocean and a remote village and riding my grandparent's donkey (who was named after the Portuguese Prime Minister!!) would pay off in the way of an income. Hee-haw!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Love Sparkly Things!

With the writing shed/garden office progressing faster than I had even thought possible, I had to run out and get me a light fixture for the space. This was after realizing that my refinishing skills leave much to be desired and the chandelier that I tried to re-purpose looks like, well, crapola. I wanted something sparkly and glamorous that would really liven the space up and I found it at my local build-it center. TA DA:

 It is sooooo much more sparkly in person and just what I wanted! What's better than shiny chrome and crystals?? What do ya' think? Très funky, non?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Writer's Dream Week

Though I was less than pleased to wake up to a winter wonderland outside after having convinced myself that Spring really was here, I am just tickled freakin' pink at all of the exciting things going on in my life as a writer this week. For starters, the new site for my book is being designed as I write this and any day now I will have the sweetest site ever to help not only promote my book and line up a few more inspiring essays for inclusion, but also a great place for women of all...okay, most...ages to go to for fun tips and advice, a place to vent, and giveaways and other fun stuff. I am sooooo lovin' the creative juices that have been flowing since I've been able to start focusing more on my book.

So what else has made this a dream week for a writer? We finalized the plans for the writing shed with the contractor, picked out the flooring and other finishing touches, and he is in our backyard working away right now! Yay!! This has been a looooong time coming  and I imagine that a writing shed/garden office -- especially one as big and beautiful as this one -- would be every writer's dream, no? I am so excited to see it done! The contractor has estimated 7 to 10 days for completion. I'm over the moon!

Not that there's much more that can top the writing shed news, but I am also very happy to have received my order of few books: The Only Grammar Book You'll Ever Need (my editors will be pleased to see this!), Professional Blogging for Dummies, which came highly recommended by a VERY successful blogger friend, and Shedworking. That's right, it's a book all about sheds and the people who work in them. I love it.

And, one final purchase that I want to gush about is a poster that I am really excited to hang in my office; the Holstee Manifesto. Words to live by which are very representative of the way I try to live my life and the advice that I often try to pass off to friends and family who don't seem to be enjoying their lives the way they should. Here it is in case you've been living under a rock and haven't yet stumbled on it elsewhere.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Morning sun in my heart and on my walls

Beautiful picture of the pier in my town at sunrise on a winter morning, photographed by a Tyson Braun

Don't you just love a sunny morning? Even with the temperature hovering below freezing, the sun shining and birds chirping this early can't help but make ya' feel all Springy. Boy am I ever looking forward to the warmer weather this year, it being our first summer by the beach and all. (Take note and remind me of this post when you see me start counting down to Christmas in August - something I am guilty of every year.)

This is shaping up to be just the kind of weekend I love as I will be surrounded by family, painting a couple of rooms, and getting in some baby time with my niece and nephews who are later today also moving out this way to our neck of the woods. And, I think today may be the day that my grant cheque arrives! Hurrah! I have no clue how much it is. All I know is that the Ontario Arts Council is giving me a grant to support the creation of my book thanks to a recommendation by the lovely peeps at Tightrope Books in Toronto. It's like Christmas in that I know I'm getting something but have no clue what it is. Fingers crossed for the amount I asked for, though I do appreciate that any little bit helps.

I've got my mother and super-feisty 94 year old grandmother coming down for the weekend. It'll be nice to have some help with the painting finally, even if it will be accompanied by my grandmother's incessant nagging about how having your dishes done before your man gets home ensures a good marriage. (According to her the high divorce rate is to be blamed on women not having the kitchen clean and dinner ready when the men get home from work!) Gotta love 'em. As much as I do love a clean kitchen--husband home or not--my focus this weekend is on that painting. Our charming little house is full of dark walls and wood paneling that need to be painted out. Some might think it's a sin to paint out real Oak trim and paneling, but I'm over it. The wood will still be here as will all the character. Now it'll just be a lot nicer to look at.

This weekend's painting agenda includes painting our dark brown bedroom with oak trim to "Morning Sun" yellow and a bright white trim. Also, the mauve bathroom with more wood paneling and linoleum than I've seen since eating at a really dingy Chinese restaurant with my parents in the 70's, will be getting painted a light cottagey blue. Alas, all the paneling will need to wait since there's a lot of sanding and prep work involved before painting. Still, it's a start. I was thinking of painting my office again since it's currently painted in an off white that was used just to get rid of the orange that was here when we moved in, but since the workshop will soon be converted into my writing studio, *giggles and squeals* there's no point. My husband will inherit this office which will also do double-duty as a TV den, so we'll choose a color then...I'll choose a color then.*wink*

Have a lovely and creative weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who's the Luckiest Girl?

My first email of the day

I am!

How could I ask for anything more than a man who sends me an "I love You" several times throughout the work day and has since the beginning. There is no better feeling than knowing that you're on his mind even when his day at the office is a hectic one.

This is just one of the many things in my life that I am thankful for :)